Do You Need HVAC Repair Or Is Your Thermostat The Blame?

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Do You Need HVAC Repair Or Is Your Thermostat The Blame?

27 March 2017
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Has your HVAC system been performing strangely? Perhaps it cycles on and off in short cycles. It may even turn off before it reaches the temperature setting. You may wonder if your AC or furnace is in need of repairs. However, sometimes when these weird circumstances occur it is due to thermostat problems. The following information will help you to better understand. 

Dust Accumulation

Dust can settle inside of thermostats in the same manner that it settles on surfaces throughout your home. When it settles in thermostats, the result can be faulty readings, which can impact the performance of your HVAC system. You likely know that it can also build up in air ducts and within your cooling and heating systems. Thankfully, if dust has settled inside of your thermostat, you can correct the issue fairly easily. Remove the housing and carefully remove the dust. Do not use anything wet to clean the dust away. A soft-bristled toothbrush or dry cloth can be used. 


If your thermostat is in certain locations, it may also cause your HVAC system to perform erratically. If your thermostat is near vents, the air or heat that comes out of the vents can cause the thermostat to register faulty readings. This can lead your system to shut off prematurely. If it located near any appliances that give off heat, it may also turn off or on at the wrong intervals. For example, if it is close to your kitchen or near a clothes dryer, it may register warmer temperatures than your home actually is. Direct sunlight can also cause thermostats to register incorrect readings. If your thermostat is in a location that you suspect is causing it to negatively impact how your home heats and cools, you need to consider getting it moved to a different location. Hallways where bedrooms are located and the central area of homes are good locations for placement.


You may think that your thermostat will last as long as your HVAC system. However, it is possible for a thermostat to fail before a system. It is also possible that you may have an outdated thermostat even if you have upgraded your AC or furnace. The best option for outdated thermostats is replacing them. Old thermostats can be a contributing factor to high energy bills. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to determine if your thermostat is the reason that your system is underperforming. They can also determine the best location for thermostat placement as well as recommend upgrades.