10 Toastie Tips: Staying Warm When the Heater Breaks

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10 Toastie Tips: Staying Warm When the Heater Breaks

28 March 2017
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If your heater has gone out then you want to do all you can to heat your home while you wait for a heater repair person to get to you. Keep in mind that this can take a while if the region you live in is in the middle of a cold snap because you may only be one of many dealing with heater problems. Here are 10 ways to feel warmer in your home:

1: get your fireplace going

As soon as you spot trouble with your heater you should make use of your fireplace if you have one. If you don't have much kindling keep in mind you can use drier lint shoved in the cardboard roll from toilet paper.

2: Close off the downstairs and heat the upstairs

Focus on heating the upstairs only since this area will be the easiest to retain the heat in. Close all doors to downstairs rooms and put rolled up towels in front of any doors with cracks in the bottom.

3: Bake a frozen meal

A frozen meal like family lasagna or even a nice frozen pie will take a while to bake. The longer you keep the oven going the more it will help put heat in the house, so go for the meal that takes the longest to get done. Leave the door cracked open after the meal comes out.

4: Heat blankets

Throw thick blankets in the drier then put them on the seating in the room your family will be hanging out in.

5: Light large candles

While small candles won't generate much heat to speak of, the large ones with three or more wicks can get quite warm. Heat them and set them on a table near the family hang out.

6: Set the ceiling fan to blow the air down

You can also set your ceiling fan on low and set the blades so they blow the air downward. Since the air near the ceiling will be the warmest, this can move that warm air toward you.

7: Open the blinds at the right time

Open your blinds while the sun is shining on your windows and promptly close them once the sun moves.

8: Wear footwear in the house

You can lose a lot of body heat from your feet. This is why you want to be sure you have footwear on at all times when you are trying to stay warm when your heater is out.

9: Drink hot drinks

When your heater is out it is the perfect time for you to make the family some hot cocoa or another hot drink. Drinking something hot can really help you to feel warmer.

10: Have everyone wait in the same room

Having everyone in the same room can not only make you feel like the room is warmer subconsciously, but it will also generate more body heat in the room.

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