3 Simple Ways To Ensure Your AC Works Efficiently During The Summer

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3 Simple Ways To Ensure Your AC Works Efficiently During The Summer

28 March 2017
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As the weather outside gets warmer, it will get to a point where you need to turn on your AC back on after its long winter slumber. Unfortunately, it's easy for your AC to become inefficient at its job due to you ignoring a few simple maintenance items. Follow these tips to help your AC work as well as possible.

Get An AC Tune Up

You take your car in for a tune up from time to time, so doesn't it make sense to have the same thing done to an appliance as crucial as your home's air conditioner? An inspection of your AC should be done every year by a local HVAC technician. An ideal time to have it done is in the spring, so you are able to ensure that you AC will be running well once you need cool air during the summer.

When you get an AC tune up done, there are several things that will be inspected. This includes the measuring the coolant levels, calibrating the thermostat, lubricating and cleaning parts, inspecting wiring, and testing the compressor. Finding problems early on will prevent more damage from occurring due to the AC continuing to run.

Look For Air Duct Leaks

Your AC may be working fine after a tune up, but the air ducts are just as important with distributing all that cool air inside your house. This is actually a place where air can leak out, causing the entire system to be inefficient. In addition, the leaks in your duct work can cause debris and dust to get into your HVAC system, which causes a filter to get dirty.

You can fix it by running the air conditioner and checking the seams in the duct work for leaks. If you feel cool air passing through, you can use aluminum tape to cover those gaps. This special tape is designed to keep the area well insulated, as well as seal it up to prevent air from leaking through.

Change The Air Filter

While it is very simple to change out an air filter, many homeowners forget to do it because they believe their AC is working fine. A clogged filter will cause the entire system to work harder when it comes to cooling your home, as more force is required to push air through a dirty filter. Check the manufacturer's directions for how frequently you should be changing the air filter.

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