Keep A Burglar From Stealing Or Damaging Your A/C Unit

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Keep A Burglar From Stealing Or Damaging Your A/C Unit

14 April 2017
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Air conditioner theft is a real problem. Each year, a number of business owners either come outside and recognize that their unit has been stolen or severely damaged in a failed burglary attempt. Neither scenario is one that you want to find yourself in the middle of. As the warmer weather approaches and incidence of theft increase, learn what steps you can take to protect your air conditioner unit from theft and damage.

Increase Lighting

Keeping the area well illuminated is an excellent way to lower the risk of a burglar coming for your unit. For any thief, the ultimate goal isn't just to get your unit, but to do so without being detected. The more lit the space, the harder this goal is to accomplish because the more likely they are to be recognized by someone else.

Make sure you're adding extra lighting to this part of your property to create a deterrent. As an added tip, if you add cameras with the lighting, it's easier to provide the police with details about the theft attempt.

Secure The Disconnect Box

Stealing an air conditioner unit can be a dangerous task if the unit is still connected to its power source. This is especially the case when trying to remove the condenser. When the unit is still connected, the risk for electrocution is elevated. For this reason, most burglars, at least the skilled ones, won't attempt to remove the unit until they have disconnected the power.

Make the task impossible by securing the disconnect box. If they can't disconnect the power, they will likely walk away and leave the unit undisturbed. Just make sure you are purchasing a quality locking system to put offer the disconnect box to keep it secure.

Consider A Cage

If you've experienced a failed burglary attempt in the past that left your unit damaged, consider installing a cage around the unit. By installing a locked fortress of sorts around the unit, you basically cut off all access to a thief trying to get to your unit.

While this sounds like something you can make on your own in a quick DIY project, it's best to purchase an A/C cage. Purchasing a cage that has been designed specifically for your unit will ensure you have an option made from a heavy-duty metal and also that the unit can breathe properly to avoid any damage.

Make certain you're taking steps to protect your unit from theft. However, in the event someone damages your unit in a theft attempt, make sure you are reaching out to a technician, like one from Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc., for prompt repairs.