3 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Constantly Running

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3 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Constantly Running

8 August 2017
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August is often one of the hottest months of the year. So during this time, you especially don't want to deal with an ill-functioning HVAC unit. Unfortunately, if you hear your air conditioner constantly running, your spirits and your comfort level will definitely suffer. So if you have noticed that your air conditioner is running without shutting off the majority of the day and night, or it is continuously cycling on and off, then there are many potential culprits to the problem, including the following:

1. Dirty Evaporator Coil

Prior to the summer season, did you have a professional HVAC expert come out and service your unit so that it was ready to go for the busy summer months? If not, then there is a good chance that the evaporator coil is filthy, which is impeding the overall cooling process and making it difficult for the unit to cool your home.

2. Dirty Air Filter

Have you checked your air filter lately? When your air conditioner is used heavily during the summer, it is a good idea to check the air filter on a monthly basis to ensure that the air filter is not becoming clogged with dirt and debris. The reason for this is because dirty air filters restrict the flow of air, which keeps your air conditioner from being able to do its job. In fact, when sufficient air is unable to flow over the coils, the unit isn't able to remove humidity from the air and cool the air to the desired temperature, which leaves the unit constantly running even when it should not be.

3. Low Refrigerant

If your HVAC system does not have an adequate amount of refrigerant, which is likely caused by a leak in the coils, then the unit is unable to efficiently cool the home. As a result, the unit will run continuously as it tries to cool your home. A professional will need to determine if a leak is the culprit. If it is, he or she will then to locate and repair the leak and add refrigerant to your system.

There are many other potential problems that could be causing your unit to constantly run that have not been mentioned here, such as a blocked condenser, issues with your blower motor, and even a faulty thermostat. If you are unable to determine the reason for your continuously running HVAC unit on your own, contact an HVAC service, such as Henry's Service All, to come out to your home and diagnose and repair the problem for you.