Are Heat Pumps Effective?

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Are Heat Pumps Effective?

5 March 2018
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If you need to add some heat to your home to get you through the rest of winter, you should consider investing in ductless heat pumps. There are several different kinds of ductless heat pumps, and they come in various sizes. These can be great for certain properties, but they aren't always ideal for every home. This article looks at the most important drawbacks and advantages of using ductless heat pumps.

Heat Pumps are Convenient

The best thing about ductless heat pumps is how convenient they are. You can find heat pumps at many retail and home improvement stores, and have one up and running within a couple of hours. They just need to be plugged in to operate. Ductless heat pumps generate the heat and airflow without being linked to any duct system or blower.

Wall Mounted vs. Portable Pumps

Many pumps need to be mounted on the wall. Wall mounted pumps are nice because they are out of the way and low profile. However, many homeowners don't love the look of a permanent plastic appliance on their wall. So, they will remove the pump and put it in storage during the winter. A wall mounted pump is going to leave behind marks on your wall, and require a little bit of work when it comes to reinstalling it every winter.

This is why many homeowners prefer portable pumps. Portable pumps are usually on wheeled carts that can be easily moved around the room. These are great if you want to wheel your pump away and put it stored in a closet or somewhere out of the way while you aren't using it. The biggest drawback to portable pumps is that you still have to deal with the long cord. If you have a long extension cord stretched across the room, it can be an annoying trip hazard.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to use ductless heat pumps. They have limited range and are going to be great for every home. It is important to realize that ductless pumps are really only good for the room that they're in. Don't expect to bring heat multiple rooms with a single pump. So, they are ideal for rooms that just need a little bit of extra heat or small studios that don't have central heating. They are a good extra source of heat for many properties.

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