5 Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Furnace Won't Turn On

Has your furnace stopped working suddenly? Learn more about how to get your furnace fixed and how to prevent future issues.

5 Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Furnace Won't Turn On

12 November 2018
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In many regions of the country, it's starting to get cold. If you're thrifty, you likely delay turning the heat on as long as you can, but eventually, the switch needs to be flipped. Except, what happens if once you move the slider to the "on" position, nothing happens? Here are five troubleshooting tips to get your furnace up and running.

1. Check Your Electrical Panel

The first thing you want to check is to make sure your furnace is receiving power. Head to your circuit breaker box and find the switch for the furnace. Make sure it switched to "on." If it's not, flip the switch so that it is and then try your furnace again. If it immediately flips back off, don't try to switch it on again; there is a reason it tripped. You will need to call an HVAC service repairman as there is an issue somewhere.

2. Check Your Furnace

If your circuit breaker showed the furnace was receiving power, take a look at the furnace itself. Many furnaces have their own circuit breaker. Sometimes, the circuit breaker with look like a standard light switch. Make sure it is turned on, and then check again to see if the furnace will kick in. If you have a pilot light, insure that it is lit.

3. Check Your Furnace Filter

Some furnaces will not kick on if it has electronic sensors that show the filter is dirty. Pull out the old one and replace it with a brand new one and then try to turn the furnace on again. If this doesn't solve the problem, move on to the next step.

4. Check Your Thermostat

Many thermometers are digital nowadays, especially with the increase in smart technology. If yours is a digital model, make sure it has power. You may need to simply replace the battery. Additionally, sometimes if the thermostat itself is broken or has lost the correct calibration, the furnace won't kick in because the thermostat isn't communicating the temperature has dropped enough to warrant it doing so. Crank the heat up as high as it will go and see if that solves the problem. If it does, you will need to get a new thermostat.

5. Check The Drain Pan

Just like air conditioning units, your furnace has a pan that collects water from condensation. This can become clogged and overflow, especially if you have hard water. Mineral deposits can build up and prevent drainage, which will trip the pump float. Push the float down to check if the pump begins draining. If it doesn't, it is time to contact your HVAC contractor to replace the pump and give the rest of your system a checkup to make sure everything is in good working order for the winter season.

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