Clean Your Portable Air Conditioning Unit's Internal Components And Eliminate Rust Spots

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Clean Your Portable Air Conditioning Unit's Internal Components And Eliminate Rust Spots

25 May 2016
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If the air flow emitted from your portable air conditioning unit's vents feels weak and it is taking much longer than usual to cool the inside of your home, resolve the problem by cleaning the internal components of the unit with the following steps. Eliminate rust spots from the metal pieces that make up the interior, as well. Once you have finished, enjoy the cool air that the unit provides and keep the machine's interior maintained so that you do not encounter problems with airflow or rust again.


  • tube brush
  • shop vacuum cleaner (with brush or hose attachment)
  • fin comb
  • naval jelly
  • sponge
  • water
  • cleaning cloths
  • rust-inhibiting spray 

Loosen And Remove Debris And Correct Bent Metal Pieces

Turn off the portable air conditioning unit. Remove the machine's cover. Inspect metal pieces that air flows through. Move a tube brush rapidly over the metal pieces to loosen any dust that is stuck between them. Place a shop vacuum cleaner's hose or brush attachment over the dust pieces to collect them. If any of the metal pieces are bent, use a fin comb to bend them back into their original position. Wedge the tool under any portions of metal that aren't lined up properly and press it firmly against the metal until it is lined up the correct way.

Remove Rust Spots From The Metal

If any of the metal is rusted, due to excessive moisture, use a clean sponge to apply a small amount of naval jelly to the areas that need to be treated. This product will being to disintegrate the rust after several minutes. Move a scrub brush over the rust spots to help speed up the removal process. Eliminate any naval jelly that remains on the metal pieces with a damp cloth. Dry the metal well with another cloth.

Apply A Rust Inhibitor

Apply a rust-inhibiting spray to the metal pieces to prevent rust spots from becoming an issue again. Stand a couple feet away from the portable air conditioning unit. Apply the spray as evenly as possible. Begin adding the spray to metal pieces on the top, left hand side and work your way downwards. Continue adding the spray in even lines until all of the metal has been treated. Wait the recommended amount of time that is printed on the spray bottle for the inhibitor to dry. 

Place the cover back on the unit and secure it. Plug in the unit and turn it on. Cool air should be blowing out freely from the cover's vents. Maintain the portable air conditioning unit by eliminating dirty residue from its interior at random intervals throughout each year. 

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