Ductless Split AC Systems: A Good Complement To Boiler-Style Heating

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Ductless Split AC Systems: A Good Complement To Boiler-Style Heating

25 May 2016
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One downfall of boiler-style heating is that it's not so easy to integrate an air conditioner with your system. You can't just install an AC unit and send the cool air through the existing ducts like you can in a home with a forced-air system. Many people with boiler heating turn to window AC units to keep their homes bearable in the summer, but lugging them in and out of the windows is a real hassle – and can even prove dangerous if you drop an air conditioner or it falls on someone below. If you're looking for a more permanent cooling solution for your home with boiler-style heating, consider ductless split AC systems.

What's a ductless split AC system and why does it work well in a home with boiler heating?

Ductless split AC systems don't have ducts (at least in the conventional sense). Like conventional central air systems, they have an outdoor condenser unit. But instead of having an indoor unit that blows cooled air through ducts, they have several wall-mounted air handling units. After the air is cooled by the outdoor condenser, it travels through outdoor tubes to the air handling units, which blow it into the home.

To install a ductless split AC system, you don't need to renovate your walls extensively or rip out your boiler system. The ductless split AC system will operate completely separately from your boiler system. All your installation expert will need to do is make a few small holes in the walls (one for each air handling unit) and find a convenient location outside for the condenser.

How do you operate a ductless split AC unit?

Each air handling unit will have its own thermostat. This is typically located right on the unit. So, your installer won't need to modify the thermostat you currently use for your boiler system. One nice thing about this is that you can control each air handler separately. So, if you want the upstairs to be 66 degrees and the downstairs to be 75, you just set the air handlers in those areas to the respective temperatures. You can even cool just one room or floor if you want.

Many systems come with remote controls so you can change the temperature from the comfort of your couch or bed. This allows the air handling units to be placed further up on the wall where they're not in the way.

If you have a boiler system, don't resign yourself to sticking with window AC units. Installing a ductless split AC system lets you enjoy whole-home cooling without having to switch heating systems. To learn more about air conditioning systems, visit a website like http://www.coeheatcool.com.