Backed Up Pipes? Common Causes For Sewer Line Clogs

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Backed Up Pipes? Common Causes For Sewer Line Clogs

13 June 2017
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If the water in your home is not draining properly from all pipes, chances are your main sewer line is backed up. This is evidenced by water backing up in sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and any other drain in the house. This will cause you major problems and leave you without a functional home until you have it fixed. It is vital that you have your plumbing evaluated to find out the exact cause of the back up. Here are a few things that can cause your main sewer line to become infiltrated:

Shifting Soil

One way your sewer line can be compromised is if your pipes are affected by shifting soil. Over time, soil will move around and cause an increase in volume. When soil moves, everything around it moves as well, including your pipes. These pipes are not flexible at all and are not designed to move. This will cause them to break and result in water backup in the home.

Build Up Inside the Pipes

Another issue is build up inside the pipes. This can happen when you or someone else flush or place improper items down sinks and toilets. The only thing you should place in your pipes is toilet tissue. Anything else, such as feminine products, baby wipes, papers towels, and the like can result in build up inside the pipes and result in major clogs in the sewer line.

With regard to sinks, you must be careful what goes down into them. Food waste from a garbage disposal should not be deliberately placed in the sink. This matter can eventually accumulate and clog up the pipes. Grease and coffee grounds should also never go down the pipes. They can solidify inside the pipes and cause major damage.

Tree Roots

Another known cause for main sewer lines are invasive roots growing into the pipes from trees and bushes around your pipes. When they grow, tree and shrub roots will spread out under the ground and can eventually make their way to your sewer line. The roots can burst the pipes and not flow the water properly from the house. They can also crush the pipes and prevent water from going into the septic system.

Having to deal with malfunctioning sewer lines can be very frustrating. If you begin to notice subtle backing up of water in the house or if the toilet begins to make a gurgling sound, you need to call the plumber, such as First Class Plumbing and Heating, as soon as you can to have it checked out.