Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned? 3 Things To Know About The Process

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Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned? 3 Things To Know About The Process

14 March 2019
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If you have an HVAC system that is made out of ducts, you need to understand how best to clean your ducts and take care of your entire system.

#1 How Often Your Ducts Need Cleans Depends Upon Individual Factors

How often you need to clean your ducts depends upon a variety of individual factors concerning the condition of your home. For an average home without any extra risks factors, once or twice a decade is more than enough. For a home with any risk factors though, an annual or biannual cleaning is in order.

Risk factors include elements that would increase the air contaminants in the home, such as smoking, pets, or a recent home remodel. If you fear your home was at risk of water contamination, that is another risk factor that would warrant getting your ducts cleaned.

Other risk factors are more health-related. If anyone in your home has severe allergy or asthma, you are going to want to clean your ducts more often to provide your family with a clean environment.

#2 The Cleaning Process Uses Pressure & Vacuums to Clean Everything

Second, you need to understand how the cleaning process works. What happens is a contractor uses powerful vacuums to pull air through the ducts in your home, creating a negative pressure system inside of your air ducts. This negative pressure system is strong enough to pull away and get rid of any dirt that is inside of your air ducts. It is a high-powered vacuum that manages to clean the deepest recess of your air duct system.

#3 The Use of Chemicals

Chemicals are not necessary to clean your air duct system; however, they are sometimes used. Some cleaning companies use antimicrobial cleaning elements on your air ducts. The antimicrobial cleaning agents are applied to your air ducts and they help treat bacteria, viruses, and fungi as well.

This is an additional service you have to pay for. It is a good service to use if you have mold or bacteria issues in your home. If you pay for this service, make sure that any treatments that are used are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

A team of professionals, who have the professional equipment to do the job right, should clean the air ducts. If you have mold issues, you can have antimicrobial cleaning agents applied to the inside of your ducts to clean up your home environment.

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