Tips To Keep Your HVAC System Working Well

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Tips To Keep Your HVAC System Working Well

3 February 2020
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We rely on our heating and air systems in our homes to keep us nice and comfortable year-round. Taking care of youR HVAC systems will allow you to stay comfortable easily and more affordably. If you neglect this responsibility you can be caught off guard with large unexpected repairs. No heating and air conditioning systems are meant to last forever, but here is how you can get the most time out of these units in your home:

Replace Air Filters Regularly

Replacing the air filters regularly in your home is one of the easiest maintenance tasks. The air filters are used to block dust and other particles from entering the ducts in your home. When there is dust in the ducts this air is being circulated all over the home. Dust build-up is obnoxious to clean and can be hazardous to your health and drastically add to allergies. It is also hard on heating and air units. The dust build-up can affect your heating and air system's ability to be efficient while cooling and heating. Your unit will have an owner's manual that gives you a recommended air filter change time. This is usually once every three months. Air filters are not very expensive and they are usually installed with a ladder and removal of one single screw. 

Pay Attention to Your Energy Bills

Paying attention to your energy bills is a great way to keep an eye on the overall efficiency and working order of your HVAC. Any drastic change to your bill can be a sign that something is not working as it should. Catching this early on can save you a lot of money and avoid larger repairs down the road from using the HVAC while it is having issues.

Hire Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning

Even with air filters replaced regularly, you may need a good deep cleaning every few years. Even very fine particles can build up and cause your HVAC system some resistance. If you have pets with lots of hair in the home or someone in the home that struggles with allergies this can make a huge difference. Cleaning the ducts allows air to move more freely and helps get rid of some of the yucky particles that have been circulating around your home for years! Call your HVAC contractor and see if they offer this service.

Even with these tips, you should still hire HVAC contractors at the first sign of a problem with your heating and air. You want your unit to function well year-round so you are never stuck in a freeze or heat wave without this important home comfort.