5 Things That Set Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Apart

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5 Things That Set Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Apart

3 March 2020
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If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for use in an industrial setting, it is important to choose a vacuum cleaner that is designed for this type of use. It's not a good idea to opt for a standard commercial vacuum cleaner for industrial use. If you are wondering if there is much of a difference, consider these five things that set industrial vacuum cleaners apart.

1. They Can Be Used for Long Periods of Time

First of all, because of the sheer size of many industrial buildings, you might find that you will have to run your industrial vacuum cleaner for a much longer time than one would normally use a vacuum cleaner. You might also have to use the vacuum cleaner for longer periods of time because of the bigger messes that you might have to clean up in an industrial environment. Regular commercial vacuum cleaners might overheat from this type of extended use, but industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to be used for longer periods at once without wearing out or breaking down.

2. They Have Long Power Cords

When using a vacuum cleaner in just about any environment, you might find yourself wondering if the power cord will be long enough. This can be an even bigger problem in a massive factory or another industrial facility. Luckily, industrial vacuum cleaners are typically designed with much longer power cords. You can look at information about the length of the power cord when checking the specifications for an industrial vacuum cleaner, and you may want to do so if cord length is something that you are concerned about.

3. They're Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency might be something that you are concerned about in general, but it might not be something that you think about much when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner. However, because of the duration of time that you might use the vacuum cleaner to clean a big and dirty industrial building, this might be more of a concern than usual. Fortunately, many industrial vacuum cleaners are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

4. They Have Powerful Suction

A good commercial vacuum cleaner might seem like it has powerful suction, but you may find that it isn't nearly as powerful and strong as an industrial vacuum cleaner. An industrial vacuum cleaner might do a better job of helping you with cleaning up big messes.

5. They Can Be Exposed to Chemicals and Residues That Other Vacuums Can't

Lastly, depending on the type of industrial environment that you are using your industrial vacuum cleaner in, there is a chance that it will come in contact with chemicals and various types of residues. Industrial vacuum cleaners can typically be used to vacuum up messes that would damage standard commercial vacuum cleaners.

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