3 Most Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Problems

Has your furnace stopped working suddenly? Learn more about how to get your furnace fixed and how to prevent future issues.

3 Most Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Problems

24 September 2020
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When you maintain your HVAC system, you get the best life and service out of it. On the other hand, when you are not keen on the maintenance and leave your system in a state of disrepair, you will deal with endless AC issues.

Most people know that their HVAC system is developing problems when they start getting cold spots in the house during the winter. However, you need to pay attention to other signs such as your home getting stuffy and humid in the summer and the presence of mold or mold-related complications. It is advisable to call in an AC repair professional as soon as you notice these problems, as they will help you spot the source of the problem and resolve the issues. Here are the three most common HVAC complications and how they can be resolved.

1. Dirty Filters

The function of the filters is to sieve dust, pollen, microbes, and other particles, preventing them from entering your air ducts. If the filters are dirty or clogged, their efficiency in keeping these particles out of circulation reduces.

You can know you have a problem with your air filters when you experience allergies, despite installing EPA filters in your system. Call in an HVAC professional to clean them or replace them if they are the temporary kind.

2. Thermostat Not Working Well

The thermostat is the part of your HVAC that determines the indoor temperature of your house. During the summer, you turn down the thermostat to reverse the AC and have it circulating cold air in the home. In winter, you turn up the thermostat to heat the air and circulate it inside the house.

If you start experiencing cold spots in the house or extremely hot temperatures in the summer, your thermostat probably needs a tune-up. Hire an expert immediately to help you troubleshoot and fix the problem with the system.

3. Producing Unusual Noises

Very few ACs operate in total silence. Your responsibility as a homeowner is to listen and know the sound that your furnaces produce when working normally. If the unit starts generating abnormal noises, the cause could be dirty burners or restricted airflow. It is best to contact a repair technician to inspect and fix any damaged parts.

These are the most common indicators of HVAC issues in the home. Always call in professionals when you suspect your system has problems. The reputable HVAC contractors have a team of technicians equipped with the right skills and equipment to fix your faulty AC. You can read more about AC services here.