Winter Heat Pump Problems? Important Information For Homeowners

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Winter Heat Pump Problems? Important Information For Homeowners

5 January 2021
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Heat pumps have become increasingly popular with homeowners across many areas of the country. Known for their efficient operation, heat pumps use heat that already exists in the air or soil to warm homes and businesses. In summer, the heat pump's actions are reversed, allowing them to provide cool comfort. 

Because heat pumps are transferring heat, rather than creating it by burning fuel, they cost significantly less to operate. Homeowners who are experiencing problems with their existing heat pump can use the following information to help understand potential repair issues. 

Fan problems

One of the ways in which heat pumps protect themselves from ice and snow is the fan system. A properly working fan will help the unit defrost regularly to keep snow and ice buildup at a safe level. Homeowners who notice unusual amounts of ice or snow on their heat pump's exterior components may be seeing signs that the fan is damaged or malfunctioning. 

Winter icing 

A common problem experienced by many heat pump users concerns icing during winter weather. Heat pumps are designed to automatically shift into defrost mode to remove layers of frost or ice on exterior components. If the ice is too thick, the defrosting action may not be powerful enough to thaw the components and serious damage to the fins, blades, and compressor system can occur. 

Heat pump users who experience severe winter weather should frequently monitor their heat pump for ice buildup. If the components are installed in areas where melting snow or rain add to the problem of icing, homeowners may want to have the component repositioned or consider adding some type of well-ventilated shelter to protect it. 

Snow buildup

Like ice buildup on the components, layers of snow that build up on the ground around the exterior unit can cause problems. As uncleared snow levels rise, air flow becomes restricted and can cause icing problems to become even worse. 

While keeping the snow cleared away from the exterior is important in preventing problems, it is not always possible, especially if snowfall occurs when the homeowner is asleep or away from home. It is also important to protect coils, fins, and other delicate heat pump components from accidental damage by making sure that no sharp tools are used when attempting to clear away ice or snow. 

Homeowners who find that their heat pump is emitting strange sounds or is not working correctly after clearing away heavy snow or ice will need to contact a reputable heat pump or furnace repair contractor as soon as possible.

For more information, contact a heat pump repair service in your area.