Things To Know About A Mini-Split Installation

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Things To Know About A Mini-Split Installation

10 September 2021
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A mini-split air conditioner could be the perfect choice for your home if you want to cool and heat a garage, basement, or home addition. You can even condition the air in your entire house with a ductless mini-split system. Here is some information about the mini-split installation process.

Decide On The Type Of System Your Home Needs

The type of mini-split system you need is determined by the number of rooms you want to cool. A mini-split system is like a central HVAC in that it cools, dehumidifies, and heats. The difference is that the air is only conditioned in the room with a blower. Each room you want to be treated needs its own blower.

The number of blowers you need to power determines the size of the condenser that rests outside. It also determines if you need single, double, or multi-zone equipment.

Determine Where To Put The Blowers

A mini-split installation begins with mounting the blowers in the rooms you want to cool or heat. Blowers are often mounted on the wall near the ceiling since you don't have to adjust the blower manually. Each blower is controlled with its own remote, so the blower could even be put in the ceiling or near the floor. Be sure to consider if a wall-mounted blower would be blocked by furniture or be an eyesore when determining the best placement.

Locate A Place For The Condenser

The part of a mini-split that's outside connects to each blower with cables that pass through the wall. However, the outside condenser doesn't necessarily need to be right on the other side of the wall from a blower. An important thing to consider about a mini-split installation when it comes to the condenser is that the mini-split works through the winter too, so you don't want snow to pile up around the condenser outside.

If you only want your mini-split system for air conditioning, this isn't as much of an issue. However, these systems have reversing valves that allow the direction of airflow to be reversed in the winter so heat blows in your home. If you want heat, then you may need to mount the condenser on an elevated stand, on an exterior wall, or even on the roof so snow won't cover it or pile up against it and block airflow.

One thing you won't have to worry about with a mini-split installation is putting in ducts. These are ductless systems, and that makes a mini-split more efficient to operate and less troublesome to install. For more information, contact a company that provides mini-split installation