Advice For Handling AC System Maintenance

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Advice For Handling AC System Maintenance

8 December 2021
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In order to make sure that your central air conditioning system runs well and runs for as long as possible without breaking down, you will need to take good care of it. There are a few things that need to be done in order to keep everything in good working order. Some of the things that you will include in your regular AC system maintenance routine will be:

Clearing Brush And Plants Away From The Unit

One thing that a lot of people make the mistake of ignoring is the plant life growing close to the central air conditioning unit. Never plant anything close to the unit, and pull or cut out any weeds that start growing up around it. This is crucial. Nearby plants will restrict the flow of air coming into the system. If the AC unit is not getting enough airflow, you will soon notice the unit having trouble producing enough cool air for the inside of the house.

Keeping The Drain Line Clear

The drain line that comes out of the bottom of the central AC unit is small, and it might be a clear or white tube. It will not stick out far, but you should be able to easily spot it once you start looking for it. This drain line can become clogged with algae from time to time. You will want to make sure that you are clearing that out so the water can flow freely. If it remains blocked and the water cannot drain out, the condenser inside of the unit can begin to suffer. Use something thin and long, or even a shop vac, to carefully remove any blockage from the drain line.

Scheduling Professional Help

While there are things you can do on your own, as described above, there are some things that will need to be done by a professional. Part of your job is to make sure that you are calling to arrange such services at least once a year. Some of the things the HVAC technician would do include checking and refilling the coolant and inspecting the electrical and mechanical components of the system for any problems. This will help keep your AC unit running without interruption between inspections and reduce your need for repairs.

The more time you put into maintaining the central air conditioning system, the longer it will last before you have to think about buying another one.