Dealing With A Boiler That Has Stopped Working In Your Home

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Dealing With A Boiler That Has Stopped Working In Your Home

7 February 2022
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Houses equipped with hot water boilers for heat and hot water depend on the system to run when needed because they do not store hot water. If the system is not running or is running poorly, you may need a boiler repair or heating tech to come and service the unit and check it for problems.

Hot Water Boilers 

The hot water boiler in most homes uses two specific water loops that do not connect to each other. The first is a closed-loop filled with water and circulates through the heating side of the boiler. A circulator pump moves the water through the loop, sending hot water out to the house and bringing cooler water back to the boiler to reheat before circulating again. 

The second loop in the system which uses water coming into the home from the well or city supply circulates it through the heat exchanger in the boiler and then comes out of the tap in the house as hot water. The system works as an on-demand heating system, so most boilers only run when needed, and some things can cause the system to stop working, but because the system is complex, it is best to hire a boiler repair company if that happens. 

New boilers are becoming more and more energy-efficient, and the system has been in use for many years. The system does not store water and reheat it all day just in case you need it, like a water heater. Instead, the boiler is efficient and heats the water as it is used, then shuts off until it is needed again.

Troubleshooting the Boiler

If the boiler is not turning on at all, you may have a fuel system problem, a clogged filter, or a non-working controller. The boiler repair technician working on the system will check each system to determine if the system is getting fuel and spark enough to start and support combustion.

Replacing fuel filters is often a quick fix and checking the pump to ensure fuel is going into the system is easy. The controller needs to be checked with a multi-meter to determine if there is power and if it is firing the system correctly. It can be quickly changed and the boiler can be restarted if it is not. 

If you hear the boiler running but you are not getting hot water, the tech may need to check the circulator pumps to ensure they are working and moving water through the system. If not, the pump can be changed, but on the heat side of the boiler, the system will need draining to make this kind of repair. Once the repair is made, the system will need refilling.