Do You Notice a Foul Smell from Your Residential Air Conditioning? Here Are Possible Causes

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Do You Notice a Foul Smell from Your Residential Air Conditioning? Here Are Possible Causes

26 August 2022
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Besides keeping your house cool, your air conditioner can also reduce odor and helps to keep your home smelling fresh. With that in mind, if you notice foul smells in your home, this indicates that the AC may be malfunctioning. So, you need to hire an AC repair contractor who will examine the system to determine the cause of the strange smells. Here are some smells that indicate you need to seek roof repair services.

1. Fish-Like Smell

Nothing is more frustrating than getting in your house and noticing it smells like raw fish. The smell can be nauseating, especially for people who do not enjoy seafood. If you notice that the smell's origin is the air conditioning system, this is an indication that the system has burning or melting wires. So, unplug the system to avoid further damage to the wires or fires, then call a trained technician to fix the unit. The professionals will take time to examine the unit and get to the root of the matter. They will then fix or replace the wires depending on the extent of the damage.

2. Burning-Like Smell

The last thing you need when spending the summer evening in your house is a burning-like smell. This warning smell might indicate that your motor is overheating or your thermostat is burning. You need to address this issue immediately by hiring skilled AC repair technicians. Professionals will check your motor and thermostat to help determine the cause of the problem. They will then fix it, which will help protect your home from fire.

3. Rotting Wood Smell

For your AC system to work efficiently and clean the air in your home, the ductwork should be in the best shape. Note that the ductwork comprises numerous components like the drain line, condensate pan, vents, evaporator coil, and many others. Therefore, a slight issue like dirt or debris on the ductwork will cause the unit to produce a rotten wood-like smell. The smell can be worse if you have fungi growing on it. If you ignore the smell and let it linger in your home, you will risk the well-being of the people in your house. Fortunately, an AC contractor can clean the ductwork and help eliminate the rotting wood smell from your home.

An air conditioning unit is an essential system that helps keep your home cool during the hot months. However, after using it for some time, the unit might start to fail. A sign that the unit is not working as required includes a foul smell in your home. The good news is that an AC repair contractor can fix the damage and help improve your indoor air quality.

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