Factors That You Should Consider Before You Replace Your AC

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Factors That You Should Consider Before You Replace Your AC

11 November 2022
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It is not unusual to find homeowners debating whether to fix their current air conditioning unit or replace it. Although repairs are a great temporary fix when the system still has some life in it, they might become too expensive and repetitive when the unit gets older. Hence, it is advisable to have a professional assess your current unit and determine whether repairs will be beneficial in the long run. Here are three factors to consider before replacing your AC. 

Do You Have to Constantly Maintain Your Unit?

Every AC system breaks down from time to time. That said, the problem comes in when the breakdown frequency becomes higher than you can financially handle. At this point, you have to spend a lot of money buying spare components and hiring AC repair experts to replace the problematic parts. With time, you will find that the cost is more than the value you get from the unit.

Is the Current System Over Fifteen Years? 

First, you should consider how long you have had the current AC system. If you have had it for more than fifteen years, it is at the end of its useful life, and the SEER rating has dropped. However, if you live in a warm place where the AC is on throughout the year, chances are it will wear out before the end of the fifteen years. Therefore, you should check whether your system has reached the end of its lifespan. More importantly, check for the age on the label if you found it in the house when you bought it. In either of these cases, a replacement is your best bet in restoring unit efficiency and a comfortable indoor environment.

Are Repairs Too Expensive?

You also need to consider the cost you have incurred fixing and servicing the AC. If the repairs have been frequent, and the unit always seems to have a new problem that needs attention, it is time to replace it. Also, if the current damage involves a large and expensive part, you may want to forgo replacing the part and install a new system altogether. Generally, if the air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan, the repairs might cost more than half the cost of the unit. Hence buying a new unit is a more economically sound decision. 

You should consider these factors when considering whether to repair or replace your AC unit. More importantly, speak to an AC installation professional to help you assess your system and determine whether it is the right time to replace the current one with a new one.