Want To Save Money? Do A Home Energy Efficiency Audit

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Want To Save Money? Do A Home Energy Efficiency Audit

15 December 2022
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If you want to save money each month one way you can do this is by hiring a company to do a home energy efficiency audit on your home. Below is information on what this is, as well as what happens during the audit to help you understand.

Home Energy Efficiency Audit

A home energy efficiency audit is done to determine how energy efficient your home is. The audit will determine how much energy your home uses when doing different things. When finished, the contractor will give you a report showing how much electricity is consumed in your home each day. You may be surprised to learn how much electricity you actually use every day. 

The auditor will then use the information they find from the energy efficiency audit to help them develop a plan. They will determine different ways you can use less energy in your home. 

Home Energy Efficiency Audit Process

During a home energy efficiency audit the contractor will first do an evaluation, do testing and then make recommendations. The auditor will walk through your home and do an inspection. They will also look outside at different things. They will evaluate your HVAC system or whatever type of heating and cooling system you use for your home. They will determine how much insulation is in your home including in attic walls and the basement. They will also count how many windows and doors you have in your home. 

The next part of the home energy efficiency audit is checking your home to see if it’s airtight. The auditor will determine if any air is leaking through windows and doors or any other areas. The home should be airtight meaning no air gets in or out when the heating and cooling system is running. They may use large fans to determine if there are any air leakages. They first seal up the room completely and then turn the fans on to determine if any air is getting out. 

When everything is completed, the auditor will give you a list of things you should change in your home to make it more energy efficient. This may be installing new windows and/or doors, upgrading your HVAC system, adding more insulation, and more. If you follow their recommendations, you should notice that your utility bills are lower each month. 

Talk with the auditor that you hire to do your home energy efficiency audit to learn much more about how the process works.