4 Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

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4 Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

25 January 2023
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One of the best ways to handle the heat is to have a functional and well-serviced AC unit. However, even with the best maintenance, a time will come when your unit will get too old to maintain. When this happens, talk to an AC repair professional to determine whether it is time to replace the unit. Here are some common signs that it is time for a new AC model.

You Have a Limited Flow of Air

Your home might feel less comfortable, and you might observe that the unit isn't blowing air like it used to. This could result from many factors, such as problems with the compressor or blocked and damaged vents. In such a case, you might be tempted to schedule AC repairs, but the problem will only escalate depending on the age of your unit and the current state of other components. Hence, it is best to think about the price of a new unit if yours has limited airflow and calls for too many or frequent repairs.

You Have Some Warm Patches in the Home

Sometimes, problems with your AC appliance are caused by the thermostat. Note that if your device is faulty, the unit will not cool particular regions of your house or apartment. So, have an AC repair expert check if the problem is limited to a specific zone. If this is the case, you might get away with replacing the thermostat instead of the entire air conditioning system.

The System Is Noisier than Usual

A loud grinding noise is often the first indicator that your AC unit could be failing. Note that noises like banging, thumping, squealing, and others signify failing components. So, turn off your unit and schedule an immediate assessment. In most cases, these noises indicate a significant problem, such as a belt falling out of alignment or damaged motor components, which often call for air conditioning replacement.

When the System Is Old

Even the best-maintained AC unit will age at some point and become a liability rather than an investment. So, if yours is nearing the end of its lifespan, it is time to consider a unit replacement. Chances are you have already noticed a decline in energy efficiency, and you are better off with a new unit, as your monthly cooling bills will only go up. On the other hand, a new unit will come with a modern setup and advanced features for improved energy consumption.

The ideal way to determine whether it is time for a new and improved AC unit is by letting a technician inspect yours. They will tell you whether the damage is worth repairing or whether it is time for air conditioning replacement.