Heating Repair: What's Going On?

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Heating Repair: What's Going On?

5 April 2023
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If your heater is not working the way it should, what's going on? You may need heater repair, and you should call an HVAC specialist as soon as you can to get the repairs done. Here are just some things that might be going on with your heating unit so you can partially identify your heating needs. Your heating specialist will assist you in getting the most out of your heating unit and can make the heating repairs you need. 

Never try to do any heating system repair on your own. You risk damaging your unit or putting yourself in danger of doing so, especially if your heating unit uses propane or natural gas. Here are some of the things that might be going on with your heating unit.

The unit is making weird whining sounds

If the heating unit in your home is making weird whining sounds, there may be something caught in the fan or filter causing the noise. Or, the filter may need to be replaced because there is less ventilation than there should be.

Have your heating repair specialist check your unit out. If it's got something stuck in it or if the fan is loose, then they can make the repairs you need as they go.

The unit is turning on and off randomly

If your heating unit is turning on and off all on its own, then it might be the temperature aspect of the heater or the thermostat causing this issue. The motor and running operations of the heating unit may also have something wrong with them. Your heating specialist will want to know how old your unit is and the last time you had it serviced as they explore what may be wrong.

Your unit is costing a lot to operate

If your heating unit costs a lot of money to operate, then you need to check into what may be causing this issue. In the end, the unit may be failing and just sucking up a lot more energy than it should. Or, it might just need to be better insulated or upgraded to make your energy costs go down.

Discuss your heating costs with your heating repair specialist, especially if yours have shot up in the last several weeks or so. You can have your heating unit checked for energy loss via pipes and lines, especially if you have a  gas unit that may also cause danger to your home and person.

Contact heating repair services to learn more.