2 Possible Reasons Why Your Central Air Conditioning System Is Struggling To Keep Your House Cool

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2 Possible Reasons Why Your Central Air Conditioning System Is Struggling To Keep Your House Cool

12 May 2023
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As seasonal temperatures start to rise, you may already be running your home's central air conditioner. However, you may have noticed that the air in your home is no longer as cool and comfortable as it was the previous season. 

If you already know that the refrigerant level within the system is where it should be, you may be left wondering what is causing the change in your home's comfort level. Below are a couple of possible reasons why your central air conditioning system is struggling to keep your house cool.

1. Filter Has Clogged Up So Badly That Dirt and Debris Have Spread and Are Coating the Condenser Coils

One possible reason why your AC system is struggling to keep your home's air cool is that the condenser coils are coated with dirt and grime. Even if you have changed the filter recently, it may have become clogged up so badly that the dirt, hair, dust, and other debris may have spread throughout the system and settled on the coils.

With the combination of the debris and moisture, there may be a thick coating of grim on the coils that is preventing the full exchange of heat and cold from the air as it passes over them. Until a professional cleans and inspects the coils, the system will continue to have reduced cooling capabilities. 

2. Fan's Blower Motor Is Starting to Fail and Is No Longer Able to Blow the Same Amount of Air Through the Duct System

Another possible reason why the system is no longer cooling your home as effectively as it did in the past is that the fan's blower motor is starting to fail. Even if the air is getting cold enough, it will not fully blow through the ductwork and into your house if the motor is weak.

While standing next to the outdoor unit, see if you hear any faint noises or detect a burning odor. If so, these signs point to a straining blower motor that will need to be replaced by a professional before it breaks down completely.

If your central AC system is no longer able to keep your home comfortable and you know the refrigerant is full, there may be a coating of dirt, grime, and hair on the condenser coils that is keeping the system from fully cooling the air as it passes over them. There may also be a problem with the fan motor that is making it too weak to blow the cool air through the system. No matter what the issue is, you should get a technician to find and fix the problem.

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