Residential AC Duct Cleaning — Rules To Live By

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Residential AC Duct Cleaning — Rules To Live By

17 July 2023
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One of the best things you can do for your home's AC unit is to keep its ducts clean. When you do, your AC unit can perform much more efficiently and last longer. Here are a few duct cleaning rules to live by.

Wear a Respiratory Mask

If it has been some time since you last cleaned your home's ducts, then it's safe to assume there is a lot of debris inside them. You don't want to inhale them if you can help it because of the respiratory problems they would cause.

You'll remain safe and protected if you purchase a respiratory mask and keep it on while you clean your AC unit's ducts. The mask will cover your mouth and eyes, making it easy to clean ducts safely. 

Use a Vacuum With a Long Hose

You'll need a vacuum to perform duct cleaning by yourself. Just make sure you get one with a long hose to clean deep inside the ducts. Fortunately, you have endless vacuum choices at your disposal. 

Once you find a potential match, verify that the hose materials are durable. You need as much durability as possible because a long hose will bend as you move it throughout ductwork in your home. 

Rent a Duct Camera 

If you want to clean your AC ducts strategically, making good use of your time and energy, then consider renting a duct camera. The tool lets you see inside the ductwork to pinpoint areas that need cleaning the most.

For example, as you move the micro-camera throughout the ducts, you might spot particularly bad blockage. You can subsequently be more specific with areas you target with a vacuum and other cleaning essentials. 

Remove and Wash the Vent Covers 

Before you start cleaning the ducts in your home, you'll need to remove the vent covers. Most covers remain in place thanks to fasteners, which are easy to remove with a basic tool like a screwdriver.

Once the vent covers are off, go ahead and wash them. They probably have all kinds of residues, but a thorough wash will take them right off. Not only does cleaning keep the covers in better shape, but it can also help improve your AC unit's airflow. 

You need to keep up with AC duct cleaning, especially when it comes to keeping your AC system energy efficient. You'll avoid issues if you use the right equipment at suitable intervals. 

For more info about air conditioner duct cleaning, contact a local company.