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3 Important Reasons To Have Your Home’s Air Conditioner Tuned-Up

19 October 2017
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Most people rely on their home's air conditioner to keep the house at a comfortable temperature for several months out of the year. Regular use can put stress on an air conditioner system, which is why it is very important to invest in tune-ups and preventative maintenance performed by a licensed HVAC service technician. There are many reasons to schedule  HVAC tune-up and preventative maintenance, such as: Save Money No one wants to deal with their air conditioner breaking down on one of the hottest days of the year. Read More …

How To Allergy-Proof Your Home

23 September 2017
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You don't have to spend time outdoors to suffer from allergies -- they often find their way into home interiors. Here's how to make sure that you and other household residents are as protected as possible from the adverse effects of various allergens such as pollen, mold, mildew, and household dust: Go Carpetless Wall-to-wall carpets are magnets for allergens of all kinds. Pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold and mildew colonies all find a welcoming home in their fibers -- and once established, removing them can be extremely difficult. Read More …

Three Things To Decide Before You Install A New HVAC

7 September 2017
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Getting a new HVAC system is a big expense, so you want to be sure you make wise decisions when it comes to the size you need, the placement, and the features you want. Investing in a new HVAC could save money on your power bills and keep you more comfortable during the winter and summer. Here are some things you'll have to decide when it's time to install your new unit: Read More …

Have You Just Had A Storm In Your Area? Steps To Follow To Ensure Your Air Conditioner Is Safe After The Storm

25 August 2017
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Storms can wreck havoc on HVAC and air conditioning units. Flying debris can dent or ding the unit, flood waters can damage electrical wiring and mold can develop on the filters. If a major storm has blown through your air, here are a few tips you should follow to help ensure your HVAC or air conditioning unit is safe and in proper working condition: Check for Signs of Flooding or Sitting Water Read More …

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Constantly Running

8 August 2017
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August is often one of the hottest months of the year. So during this time, you especially don't want to deal with an ill-functioning HVAC unit. Unfortunately, if you hear your air conditioner constantly running, your spirits and your comfort level will definitely suffer. So if you have noticed that your air conditioner is running without shutting off the majority of the day and night, or it is continuously cycling on and off, then there are many potential culprits to the problem, including the following: Read More …